‘Weakest’ primaries to become academies

Four hundred primary schools in England judged to be among the weakest will become academies by the end of 2013, joining 200 failing primaries that are already on the way to academy status.

The schools have been selected on the basis of their Ofsted reports and Sats test results, the BBC reports.

David Cameron said that children should not be ‘left to struggle in failing schools’,  and that academies are helping to spread success: “So now we want to go further, faster, with 400 more underperforming primary schools paired up with a sponsor and either open or well on their way to becoming an academy by the end of next year.” Shadow education secretary Stephen Twigg said that Labour had worked with schools to ensure improvements were sustainable: “Changing the type of school is not enough. We need a programme to raise the quality of teaching and school leadership which is what makes the most difference, but under this government we’ve seen 10,000 teachers leave the profession.”

Comments on our Facebook pages ranged from ‘Most academies are run by business that have no experience of education. It’s all about profit’, and ‘Some academies do not like taking on special needs children. Education is gradually being privatised under our noses,’ to ‘….the PM’s present plans for such weak schools may be a step in the right direction to revive them.’

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