3 international schools transforming education

ISC Research recently acknowledged that the “demand for international education delivered in the [English language] is becoming increasingly accessible to families around the world and, as a result, the market is going from strength to strength.”

As a recent Study International article rightly explains, international schools are praised for their cutting-edge, contemporary and future-proof curriculums, which are tailored to the needs of the next generation of learners.

The article hones in on Southeast and East Asia regions, explaining how low tuition and living costs – particularly in comparison to the US and UK – are what draw many overseas families to move to these areas. Also, students in these schools acquire ‘global perspective,’ which is becoming ever more important in our increasingly collaborative world.

The article singles out three, industry-leading schools paving the way for the next generation – they are:

GEMS World Academy – Singapore

Part of the GEMS Education global school network, the Singapore GEMS World Academy curriculum focuses on building creative, entrepreneurial and innovation skills among its pupils. It’s globally recognised for producing outstanding students, many of whom go on to study at some of the world’s most renowned universities.

From early years through to secondary education, this school promotes individual learning and as such, tailors the syllabus to suit every student’s needs and aspirations.

KIS International School – Thailand

Thailand’s KIS International School is built on a premise of knowledge, inspiration and spirit. Its network of supportive world citizens, global scholars and KIS Parents Association (KISPA) has allowed it to craft a safe learning environment where pupils have a strong sense of belonging.

Similar to the GEMS school, education is personalised and tailored to each learner, and its academic results are testament to the success of this approach.

Dwight School Seoul – South Korea

What makes South Korea’s Dwight School so unique is the integration of the Quest Programme into its syllabus. This initiative acknowledges and assesses every student’s strengths, weaknesses and learning style, creating a structured programme to be delivered by teaching staff.

The Quest Department offers services in skills development for pupils with learning difficulties; personalised learning for pupils with niche interests or who need extra support; and a challenging programme for gifted and talented students.

Also, Dwight school sets its pupils up for the digital world by educating them on the effects of technology and innovation, integrating tech-based strategies within many of its teaching activities.

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Author: Rhys Howell


Rhys Howells’ expertise spans from marketing, communications, strategy and recruitment within the education sector. Currently the International Development Director at Eteach, Rhys has spent the last 5 years working side-by-side with leading schools in the UK and internationally to successfully enhance their recruitment strategies, save money and ensure great schools hire greatteachers.



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