4 ways technology has impacted the recruitment process

There’s no doubt that technology has had an impact on every aspect of our lives. It’s changed the way we communicate, it’s helping us to work more efficiently, and more generally, it’s made the seemingly-impossible possible. (Self-driving cars!? Hotels run entirely by robots!?).

So, it’s really no surprise that technology has also made its mark on recruitment – but how? Here are four areas of recruitment the eTeach team think tech has had the most profound impact on, focusing on the education sector in particular:

1. It’s helping schools seek out talent, fast

Searching for candidates who fit your requirements but haven’t actively applied for a role (let alone shown interest) in your school used to be a long-winded, arduous process. But now, thanks to tech, seeking out talent has never been easier. For instance, social media sites such as LinkedIn allow you to search for teachers and connect with them to market your brand, helping you to become more proactive in your recruitment process.

Then, there are more specialist technologies, like our School Recruiter application tracking system (ATS). With SEO templates that improve your job ads, and seamless integration with online job boards, you increase the chance of vacancies catching the eye of top, teaching talent.

2. It boosts productivity

Naturally, if less time is spent on recruitment tasks, the productivity of a school’s hiring department will get a welcome boost. Imagine being able to create a compelling, professional advert in just a few minutes? And then being able to broadcast that advert to multiple job sites instantaneously? This is exactly what eTeach’s software can do for you – in fact, it’s so efficient, it will turn your school into a veritable recruitment machine in next to no time!

If HR’s time is freed up thanks to tech, they can allocate more of their time and resources to what’s most important: nurturing relationships with current and prospective staff, and creating a positive candidate experience at every stage of the recruitment process. It’s this that will help your school stand out from the rest.

3. Your school becomes more strategic

There’s no doubt about it: the single, greatest change that will transform your school’s recruitment is to adopt a proactive approach to candidate engagement. You shouldn’t wait for a vacancy to arise before kick-starting your recruitment process; it’s something you should be doing throughout the year by building your talent pools – and technology makes this possible.

The irony is, if you take a proactive approach, you’ll save yourself a fortune in supply teacher costs and agency permanent placement spend. Many of eTeach’s schools and groups report a 50% cut in annual recruitment spend in the year – some report cuts of 70%! The question is, what would you do with all the extra money?

4. It ensures GDPR compliance

GDPR has proved a challenge for businesses in all sectors, not just schools. But technology can help you to ensure total compliance and stay on the right side of the law (and most importantly, dodge those hefty fines).

In fact, our cloud-based eTeach/ School Recruitment ATS tools are the only, fully-compliant recruitment software systems in the education sector. This is because data is held securely within Microsoft Cloud and never locally on your devices; so, you can view and use candidate records as you wish without being in danger of creating a local version and risking a breach.

Our ATS allows you to:

– Fully customise your school online application form
– Channel candidate data directly into your cloud-based encrypted database
– Define bespoke viewing and processing access for your shortlisting team
– Protect them and yourselves with cyber-secure and password-protected encryption
– Request and collect references directly into your system
– Collaborate centrally via inbuilt direct messaging
-View Group or School recruitment dashboards within one portal
– Report equal opportunities and sensitive data totally separately

Want to find out more about our tools that help schools recruit better, smarter and faster? Email info@eteach.com or give one of our team a call today on 0845 226 1906.

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