5 reasons why you should be a long term supply teacher

Are you looking for a change? We share 5 reasons why long term supply teaching can give you the best of both worlds.

If you are currently a permanent teacher, the idea of relinquishing the security of a guaranteed paycheck and predictable routine might sound daunting, however, switching to supply teaching on a long term basis can offer a flexible alternative and put you in control. If you are looking for ways to improve your career wellbeing this year, taking the plunge into long term supply work could be how to embrace new experiences without losing the assurance of your career stability.

The chance of securing a long term placement is increasing. NAHT (2015) reported that 20% of teaching vacancies remain unfilled and in 2016, £1.3m was spent by schools on supply staff to fill the gaps. With 37% of schools nationally facing a teacher shortage, more are turning to long term supply contracts to place good quality professionals in the classroom quickly whist still providing the children with the continuity they need to thrive.

Live to learn

Take the chance to learn from professionals with different specialities. Supply teaching is a great way of getting thoroughly involved in other schools’ cultures and practices without either the initial recruitment process or the long term commitment.

Freedom for study, renovate or travel

If you want to go abroad or dedicate time to another project this year, long term supply contracts are a way of securing several months of work with a mutually agreed end date. If you can’t give a full academic year, long term supply placements allow you to commit to a rolling timescale or pre-agreed duration without letting anyone down.

Enhanced benefits

Under UK law, as part of the Agency Workers Regulations, teachers working on long term supply placements with the same school or employer for twelve continuous calendar weeks, become entitled to the same pay and working conditions as a comparable as if the role was recruited permanently. Although this excludes sick pay, maternity leave and pension rights. The supply agency will provide you with terms and conditions before you start.

Weekly PAYE pay

As with short term supply teaching, pay is credited to your account weekly. Eteach pays supply teachers on a PAYE basis so your tax is taken care of.

Make friends!

Supply teaching is a great way to network with other great minds in the teaching industry and working with them long term allows you to form deeper relationships with experienced practitioners with whom you can share ideas for years to come. Furthermore, if you turn out to be a fantastic fit for the school, you might be offered a permanent position once your contract has come to an end.

If you think you might be at the right point in your teaching career to try something new, please do call our supply teaching team on 01276 674 150 for a commitment-free chat about your situation. We’d love to hear from you!

8 thoughts on “5 reasons why you should be a long term supply teacher

  1. I am very interested in supply teaching. However, I do not understand the currency nor do I understand the titles of equivalent positions (i.e., what do you call a Special Educatiom teacher in the U.K.?) Is there a resource out there where I can get answers to these questions?

  2. Supply Teachers are not always a good substitute in the class room unless they are subject specific. I am a specialist TA for DT and many occasions I end up taking the lesson because the supply hasn’t got a clue about the lesson. More recognition for specialist TAs needed because authorities do not know what TA actually do in the classroom.

  3. I’ve been a TA but at present I am doing a supply teacher role and have been since last March. Many a time I’ve turned up and nothing as been set, so i’ve has to pull something out of a hat. A lot of the TA’s I’ve encountered aren’t experienced enough to do a stand lesson so think schools should look at giving TA’s more training to become cover supervisors or instructioners.

  4. Are there opportunities for long term supply teaching overseas in other countries (UAE, Thailand, Indonesia etc.)

  5. This is my 4th year of primary supply teaching and I would not take a long term supply job now. I have been trying to get back into teaching after a maternity break and I am at the top of the scale. Last year I worked for a school long term and luckily managed to do this without working through an agency – at least I didn’t have to work for maximum £90 per day! (Most schools use agencies). I worked really hard with a Year 6 class full time for the first term and then part time for the rest of the year.
    Any vacancies that came up at the school I applied for but they were filled by Newly Qualified Staff or ‘New staff’. Although they liked me they said they couldn’t afford me.
    Schools need to have a separate staffing budget from their school budgets, that take account of the fact that more experienced teachers are more expensive. I am resigned to not being able to get back into teaching and I am looking to transfer to a different career.
    Since September I have had to work for three agencies and I have had patchy work – none in September. If you need at least £1000 per month, this is not a good way to do it.

  6. Would like to join the supply teaching staff. am a mathematics teacher in the primary school. may I know how it goes.

  7. Hi George, excellent! Please contact our supply team on 01276 674145. We operate in the South East and the East of England. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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