50% of parents prefer state education

Half of British parents wouldn’t want their children to be privately educated even if they didn’t have to pay for it, according to a new survey.  Read more

In the survey of over 2,200 parents the reason three out of five of them gave for choosing state education was that it’s important for their child to mix with pupils from all walks of life, The Independent reports, and:

  • 38% said it is because they had been happy to go to a state school
  • 37% said it is the duty of the government to provide good quality education.

Parents in Wales and Scotland are most likely to stay with the state sector and families in London least likely to. Of those who said they would opt for private education if money was no object:

  • 81% said private schools offer a better education
  • 54% said they have better teachers
  • 52% said they offer better networking opportunities – the ‘old boys’ network’
  • 17% said there was less chance of their child being bullied at school.

With the average cost of private education estimated at £15,000 a year, 46% of parents who pay for their children’s education are prepared to cut down on holidays, 21% to downsize their home, and 24% said they can only afford it because their child has a bursary or a scholarship.

Are you surprised at the survey’s finding that 50% of parents would opt for state education even if private education was free?

One thought on “50% of parents prefer state education

  1. An example of tendentious reporting. Try changing the headline to “50% of parents prefer private education” and see how it feels now.

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