7 reasons why you should try supply teaching

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It’s a common misconception that supply teaching is only for retiring teachers. This is no longer the case! More and more teachers of all levels from NQTs through to senior leaders are making supply teaching their career choice.

Here are a few reasons why…

1. Flexibility

Supply teaching with eteach can be as flexible as you need it to be. Can’t work Mondays and Tuesdays because of childcare? Fine. Need to stay home Friday for that washing machine delivery? Sorted. Need a holiday without the out-of –term-time price tag? Go for it. We work around you and your availability, just keep us up to date with when you’re free and try and get you as much work as possible for those dates.

2. Time

This goes hand in hand with the flexibility. Do you need more time so that you can focus on your studies/new business/family? Not only can we arrange part time contracts and day to day work to suit you, eteach are one of the few agencies to take half day bookings, leaving you with the morning or afternoon to yourself.

3. (Not) Planning

Teachers work hard. Unfortunately a lot of the hard work often goes into planning, paperwork and arduous administration, often obscuring the teaching time that you love. With day to day supply, you can enjoy going into a school and knowing that the planning is in place for you to go in and do what you do best: teach. And once the marking’s done, you’re free to go home and enjoy your evening.  With eteach, we also have electronic time sheets that are automatically sent to the school so you don’t even need to hang around and get someone to sign your paperwork.

blog 030615 24. Return to teaching

If you’ve had some time out of teaching for whatever reason, or maybe you’re freshly graduated and new to the teaching game, supply teaching is a great chance to ease yourself back into being in front of a class again. You could start off with a couple of days a week, find your feet, build your confidence and build yourself up from there. And if you get to the stage where you’re looking for a full time, permanent position, you can rest assured that the eteach team will have your back there too.

5. Try before you buy

Supply teaching is a great opportunity to get to know the schools in your local area before you commit to a permanent or long term position. You get the chance to test-run the journey, get to know the children and get the low down from the staff before settling down. What’s more, we have long-standing relationships with our schools and can let you know exactly what they’re like and who’s who before you go.

6. Variety

Whilst you’re trying out the local schools, you’ll be building your experience in a variety of different settings. From big urban schools to rural village schools with only 100 students on roll; you’ll have the chance to get to grips with the unique challenges each different school presents, as well as experiencing a variety of different teaching and planning methods.

7. Not ready to retire (completely!) yet?

Finally you can retire and relax, but you’re not quite ready to go just yet. Supply teaching is the perfect opportunity to keep your hand in, keep busy, keep in touch with local schools and colleagues without over-doing it or committing to working on a long term or permanent basis. So if there’s only so much gardening/bee-keeping/baking you can do; supply teaching could be the perfect alternative – you can also top up your weekly income at the same time!

Like what you’ve read? Find out more about how you can get into supply teaching by contacting the eteach supply team on 01276 674150 or emailing recruit@eteach.com

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  1. Hi Krisztina,

    You can call our supply desk here at Eteach on 01276 674 150 and they’ll be able to talk you through the process.


    Daniel, Eteach

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