A wonderful experience teaching in Syria and Turkey…

Where in the world would you like to teach? That was our question last time – and Robert Thorn, who’s currently working in the Republic of Georgia, told us he’d like to return to Syria or Turkey. A copy of ‘The Essential Guide for Teachers in International Schools’ is on its way to Robert for his trouble.

I would like to teach in either Syria or Turkey again. I taught in several schools in Turkey and one in Aleppo, Syria.


‘Using the past to see the future…’


The Turkish students were wonderful in their enthusiasm, friendliness and potential and Turkey is so welcoming that I have decided to retire there when the day comes. Syria was a wonderful experience again because of the people and the students. The Syrian sense of humour (at least amongst students) was superb and we always had a good time learning.

In both cases, teaching was tough as the kids were not well developed when it came to knowing how to learn, but with a bit of time, effort and relation building, we always got there

Both countries taught me how to be more patient with difference (but less with educational reform), to understand the world from a non-western perspective and to use the past to see the future.

I would recommend both countries to those who feel they are open enough to learn from others who do not necessarily share their upbringing.

Best Wishes,


Thanks to Robert for sharing his experiences. Whether or not you’ve already worked overseas, if you’d like your own free copy of ‘The Essential Guide for Teachers in International Schools*’, one of the best books around on teaching overseas, just email us 150 words or more, that we can share with other readers, on where in the world you’d like to teach and why. Alternatively just drop us a line telling us about your overseas teaching experiences. We look forward to hearing from you.

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