Chrissie gets her dream job after 60 rejections

Swansea teacher Chrissie Gwyther is overjoyed to be working as a pastoral assistant after too many rejections made her give up looking for a post, thanks to her own determination and!

Chrissie started applying KS1 and 2 teaching jobs after her divorce in 2008, but after going after more than 60 posts she gave up, feeling very disheartened. Her 86 year-old mother lived with her and was becoming increasingly frail, so, with some sadness at not being able to pursue the career that she loved and was good at, Chrissie settled into her role as a carer and full-time mother. 

Last December Chrissie’s mother passed away quite suddenly, which meant that she had also lost her ‘job’ as her carer and the money the role brought in to the household. Chrissie told friends: “I literally need a miracle because I have to work now,” but her experience in 2008 had damaged her confidence.

 Fortunately a friend alerted her to Eteach and she spotted a post as a Pastoral Assistant in a school very close to her home, but at KS3 and 4.  Despite her lack of experience with this age group, Chrissie knew she could fulfil the role, so applied – and the rest is history!

Out of the eight candidates Penyrheol Comprehensive interviewed, she was the one they selected. “In this part of the country, it is UNHEARD of for a person to apply for one education post and get it,” Chrissie told us, “I literally got the miracle I asked for!  I am so excited to be back in an education environment, working with children and doing something I love.  Without a good website like your own, I would never have known about this post! So thank you Eteach for the part you played in this story.”

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