Applications from would-be teachers soar

The Daily Telegraph reported last week that applications for teacher training courses have risen by more than a third, amid fears of job shortages because of the recession. And it seems record numbers are applying to teach maths and science.

The Telegraph reported that applications for teacher training courses are up by more than 10,000, after the new Lib-Con Government said that funding for front-line teachers would be protected.

“It is believed that the majority of the extra applicants are from ‘career changers’ attempting to break into the profession from other jobs”, said the paper.

The Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA) says that record numbers of candidates have been applying to teach maths and science; its figures show that applications are up by 40 per cent and 33 per cent respectively, although the Agency also stresses that there’s still an urgent need for high quality science and maths teachers, with around 6,000 required each year.

Move into teaching was one of the best decisions of my life
The TDA points out that the quality of the incoming maths and science teaching pool is also high, with 53 per cent of those enquiring about teaching since the start of the current recruitment cycle (September 2009) having a 2.1 or better. More encouraging, it says, is that these top quality graduates are moving on to application stage. The latest available figures from TDA for 2007/08 show that 91 per cent of postgraduates on a teacher training course have a 2.2 or better, and 59 per cent have a 2.1 or better.

“Making the move into teaching was one of the best decisions of my life. I’ve progressed to be Head of Physics in just a few years and hope to rise further as I become more experienced,” said Frances Wing, who is Head of Physics at Nonsuch Girls Grammar School in Sutton. “It’s great to see that there is a rise in people wanting to teach maths and science given how vital these subjects are in giving future generations the skills they need to succeed.”

Science and Maths “key to economic prosperity”

TDA Chief Executive Graham Holley said that the increasing appetite for teaching maths and science is really encouraging.

“However, there is still a huge job to do in getting high numbers of quality teachers into these priority subjects. I’d urge anyone thinking about becoming a teacher to begin the process today. Good quality science and maths teaching will be key to our future economic prosperity,” he said.

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One thought on “Applications from would-be teachers soar

  1. IT is true that best invesment in education help all acpect of life and whole society as your understanding and communication improve with skills you have but natural educator and skills and need of education rise as improvement of education for all.
    My question is that you spend so much to traing Teacher and not employ them is waste of resourses and time ?
    So many qualifyed like me awating for opprtunity that been not given then people have to save money cut in pogramme?
    Or volnteer role in society that second career Teacher can have oppertunity to help in education as way of helping nation in many ways but issue that not been debate in employer table or Head teacher board of director not see how eduction resourse people and money?
    As govt see differently to balance book but not see what is in book balance.
    I am aslo see that all people have ability in different skills and different subject and all mix and needs are different balancing them as difficulties to meet new core Teaching reqirement and how Leadership educator use resourses when limited budget to manage. My experience of using limted resourses make better use of resourese care fully and value for money and this apply to all.
    As not working Teacher to not working politician or unemployed people they can live?
    As education change when society change such example of 3rdworld INdia China and africa.
    As china and India educatio and people have improve education and people invest more in education to improve life but take time.
    Invest in education help in many ways.

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