Are free schools the answer?

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David Cameron has pledged to create an extra 270,000 school places in free schools, on top of the 230,000 in free schools already open or approved.

The Prime Minister announced that 49 more free schools have been approved and promised a huge expansion if he’s re-elected in May, the BBC reports. If the Conservatives implement this, there would be 900 free schools, more than one in 30 state schools.

Mr. Cameron claimed that what he described as independent schools within the state sector “are not only outperforming other schools, but they are raising the performance of those around them, meaning more opportunities for children to learn the skills they need to get on in life”.

The government says that 70% of inspected free schools are rated good or outstanding
however with a few high-profile cases of free schools failing just months after opening, these claims have been questioned.

Labour has promised to end the free schools programme, claiming that it diverts funds away from creating extra places where there is the greatest shortage. “Instead of focusing on the need for more primary school places, David Cameron’s government has spent £241 million on free schools in areas that already have enough school places,” said Shadow Education Secretary Tristram Hunt. “The result is a 200% increase in the number of infants taught in classes of more than 30.”

Are you in favour of more free schools or do you agree with Labour that they divert funds away from areas where there is the greatest shortage?

One thought on “Are free schools the answer?

  1. Really! More free schools? Run by who? Anybody who doesn’t fancy what’s going on in the state sector but can’t afford an independent/ public school. Who does Mr. Cameron think he’s kidding? Just a Sunday night decision as a way of trying to get more votes. The government have messed about with education far too much. I have been teaching 45 years….. Still love it but the number of pendulums I have seen in that time??!! You have no idea.
    Leave our schools alone… I would really like to see Mr. Cameron,Ms.Morgan or the fired Mr. Gove teach a primary class, 11 subjects, ( plus any extras the government feel should be done in school rather than by the parents) , for a term. I see teachers arrive at school at 7 am and not leave until 7 pm……is that work life balance? Then most of them have to take marking home.
    Please, please no more free schools.

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