Are we investing enough in Education?

Are we investing enough in Education?

ECIS Conference, Cascais, Portugal

Over 500 senior school leaders from across the world attended the European Council of International Schools (ECIS) Conference in Cascais, Portugal. The conference held over April 16 – 19 focused on ‘Leading for Educational Excellence through the Economic Crisis’

Throughout the conference, Eteach International contributed to this vibrant discussion and extended it’s network with Directors, Headteachers and Business Managers representing International Schools from every continent.

With the world undergoing tremendous changes in finances and leadership, with birth rates falling and life expectancy increasing on a global scale the planning and development of future International Education are clearly hot topics…

What do you think? How do schools and professionals prepare students for…

  • higher old age dependency rations and long life societies
  • developing life course arrangements of working and learning
  • an increased diversity of populations
  • modern and future labour markets

As you know Eteach International leads recruitment innovation and we believe in the delivery of cost effective ways to connect schools, teachers, leaders and support staff. This is even more important during this current economic period…

The provision of quality education provision is essential for long term economic recovery and the stimulus of industry and political leaders of the future… what do you think?

Is Education in the UK and overseas investing enough in the education of children and young people? Add a comment in the post below.

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