Bitesize Education news: 65% back junk food ad ban

A survey of more than 1,000 parents for the Children’s Food Trust found that 65% would back the idea of a ban on advertising foods and drinks high in fat, sugar and salt before the 9pm watershed. 87% would like to see healthier children’s menus in restaurants and 83% would like smaller portions of the adult menu offered too. School Food Trust chairman Rob Rees said that parents have a tough job encouraging children to eat healthily, and there are lots of ways to make their lives easier. “This isn’t about a ‘nanny state’ – it’s about what will help rather than hinder parents in feeding their children well.” Full results downloadable from this page

One thought on “Bitesize Education news: 65% back junk food ad ban

  1. I like this quote. I’m working with edutsnts right now who struggle with school, not with intelligence. We’ve been looking at the different kind of smarts people have. It’s amazing how many of those smarts are cultivated OUTSIDE an educational institution. It’s so powerful when you realize you can learn everywhere you are.

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