Call for classroom ban on mobiles

Mobile phones may be banned in the classroom as part of a drive by Ofsted’s new head to improve discipline in schools and end disruption in class.

Chief Inspector Sir Michael Wilshaw said that disruption during lesson times was often due to the use of mobiles and that when he was a headmaster he banned pupils from bringing mobiles to school, The Telegraph reports. As part of Ofsted’s drive to improve discipline in schools, a tougher inspection regime will be introduced next term and schools will risk being penalised for failing to tackle persistent low-level disruption in lessons. Other forms of disruption, including back-chatting and calling out, will also come under scrutiny as part of the drive to improve pupil behaviour.

Few schools currently impose an outright ban on bringing handsets to school and many allow them as long as they are kept turned off. Teachers already have the power to search pupils for phones if school rules ban them, or if they’re suspected of viewing pornography on them, but say that once a pupil brings a mobile into school it’s difficult to ensure they don’t turn them on.

Have your lessons been disrupted by mobiles? Share your experiences with us!

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