Call for new maths qualification

With English teenagers less likely to study maths after 16 than their peers in most other developed countries, researchers are saying that they should be encouraged to take new courses in ‘real life’ maths.

As well as calling for a new qualification in the subject, the Nuffield Foundation has said that universities should make maths an entry requirement for more courses, the Daily Mail reports.

The Nuffield research shows that just a fifth of students study maths after GCSE, in contrast with Germany and Hong Kong, where more than 90% continue with the subject. The researchers are calling for a new qualification focusing on mathematical fluency, statistics and the application of numeracy in the workplace. However, it shouldn’t be compulsory, but could be ‘built into requirements for higher education in order to encourage take-up’.

Report author Jeremy Hodgen from King’s College London said: “Higher education and employers will need to be involved in the development of a new qualification if they are to value it and to make it an entry requirement. Schools and colleges may need to be incentivised to offer the new qualification to students, as well as to ensure that existing advanced qualifications maintain their level of participation.”

Do you think that a new qualification will increase the number of students studying maths after GCSEs?–compared-90-Germany.html?printingPage=true

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