Can surprise Ofsted checks decrease bad behaviour in schools?

ApplePencilIn a bid to prevent schools hiding bad pupil behaviour, Education Secretary Michael Gove has said he wants Ofsted to start performing more surprise checks. This could help to get a more accurate picture of what is actually happening in schools on a day to day basis as opposed to when they have had time to prepare for an inspection.

According to reports, when schools know they have an upcoming inspection, some of them ask unruly pupils to stay at home to prevent any disruption on the day. As well as this, weaker teachers have been invited to stay at home so the strong teachers can be used to represent the school in the best possible light.

Whilst these actions paint schools in a very favourable manner, they can be detrimental to staff and students as it means that serious behavioural issues occurring at the school are being covered up and are never dealt with.

Mr Gove is arguing that if Ofsted is aware of what is really happening in schools, then any problems can be tackled and it will help to bridge the gap between the levels of performance in the best and the worst schools.

Do you think that more no-notice inspections should be carried out by Ofsted or would this be unfair on teachers and put increased pressure on them?

One thought on “Can surprise Ofsted checks decrease bad behaviour in schools?

  1. ……………………………. Private schools are inherently better than public schools because they are driven by free market forces not politics and bureaucracies. Since public schools have tax monopolies they have no incentive to excel or innovate. Private schools however which depend on tuition by parents must satisfy their patrons in order to succeed.

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