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Cardiff 3rd Highest Searched City For Teaching Jobs In Uk – Eteach.Com School Recruitment In Wales Index – Q1 2017

– Cardiff 3rd most searched-for location for education job vacancies in UK

– Wales vacancies increased year on year

– Welsh language and Welsh Baccalaureate job ads up 149% and 67% respectively but candidate views down

Teachers want to work in Cardiff

Data released by Eteach.com today shows Cardiff was the 3rd most sought after location for teaching job vacancies in the UK, for both schools and Further Education (FEjobs.com) in the first quarter of 2017.

Following London and Bristol, Cardiff ranked third with 128,470 searches, a 2% increase on last year. Furthermore, competition for each role in Cardiff is high, with each vacancy attracting an average 661 views compared to a UK-wide average of 487.

Paul Howells, CEO of Eteach.com and ex-teacher comments: “It’s not surprising Cardiff is attracting teachers. It offers the metropolitan lifestyle you’d expect from a capital city as well as incredibly scenic towns a short commute away. Schools there have a lot to offer to attract and retain good teaching talent.Vacancies for teachers in Wales Wales vacancies increased year on year

Vacancies posted on Eteach.com posted for teachers in Wales up 86% year on year

The top 4 Welsh regions posting the most job vacancies this year so far have been Cardiff (21% share), Swansea (10%), Bridgend (9%), and Rhondda Cynon Taff (8%). Swansea’s figures indicate active expansion within schools, up an additional 118% against last year’s figures.

Overall, schools and colleges in Wales posted 86% more jobs in Q1 of this year onto Eteach.com than in the same period last year, although this may reflect the closer relationship with the job board rather than ballooning teacher vacancies. More than 96% of the Eteach-subscribed schools renew annually.

Science, Maths and Welsh language teachers wanted!

Vacancies posted for Welsh language teachers for children of all age groups including Baccalaureate have doubled year on year, however, views for those job types are down about 44%.  We project around 400 Welsh teachers will be needed this year, reflecting the continued focus on the importance of Welsh as a subject in schools and the difficulty in staffing the provision by recruitment.

Across the UK as a whole, the most advertised job role is ‘Maths teacher’ making up 7% of total online education vacancies. 36% more teachers are using their mobile phone to look for their next job than they were last year; while tablet use has dropped 20%.

Teaching Jobs in Wales index infographic


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