Celebrating the Jubilee in Portugal

Angela Harris, Primary Principal, St Julian’s School in Carcavelos, Portugal writes:

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee was particularly significant to us here at St. Julian’s School, as she officially opened our Primary School building in March 1985.  It is known as ‘The Queen’s Building’!

We celebrated her reign with a party on 1st June, which is also Children’s Day. The children had a change from the usual curriculum, finding out about the Queen, her family and England. They selected from a wide range of activities, creating a model of Buckingham Palace, making portraits of the Royal Family, creating their own Crown Jewels, and making tiaras and crowns.

They found out about and joined in some British traditions, including country and maypole dancing, and making biscuits, scones and tea for a party. We created a mini London with a stained glass window of the London skyline and a collage of the Boat Regatta. And of course there were Union Jacks, created by the children, flying everywhere!

Our Portuguese Section incorporated the history of her reign into their curriculum and made their own crowns and a display. The staff designed a quiz on the reign of Queen Elizabeth – the prize being a trip to London.

We organised bunting, tablecloths and napkins from the UK and the children decorated cakes with red, white and blue icing and sugar strands.

The culmination of the party was singing a special song by Helen and Mark Johnson – ‘God Bless the Queen’. Our school and 420 students joined the 950 schools and 250,000 voices that were singing this during the week commencing 28th May. The proceeds from sale of the song are being donated to Queen Elizabeth´s Diamond Jubilee Trust.

God Bless the Queen!

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