Chasing that job in the sun

If the recent arctic conditions have started you thinking about teaching abroad in the sun, then you’re not alone: ice or no ice, our recent survey found that more than a third of the UK’s teachers are actively looking for work overseas.

If a job in another country is your new year’s resolution, now’s the time to start looking. And the best place to start? With Eteach of course!

Your teaching qualification can become your passport to a world of travel opportunities, and working overseas is an invitation to experience first-hand the sights, sounds, people and cultures of another country.

The recent Eteach poll, which questioned almost 800 UK teachers, suggested that more than a third (34.6%) are actively looking for work overseas, while a similar proportion (31.8%) said they are “open” to the idea.

If you’re one of the many teachers thinking about taking the plunge, then a really useful place to start is the International Zone at

As you would expect, the site lists quality international teaching jobs at reputable schools around the world. Not only can you browse opportunities, but you can sign up to receive email alerts whenever a new post comes up that fits the criteria you set.

And because picking up sticks to work in another country can seem rather daunting, we’ve packed the International Zone with really helpful tips and practical advice about how to make the big move.

You’ll find quality information about the opportunities that exist, the rewards and benefits on offer, the skills and qualifications you’ll need, how to choose where to go, information on work permits and visas, FAQs and much much more.

So to start your international teaching journey, head on over to the Eteach International Zone. And don’t forget register with if you haven’t done so already, to take full advantage of our suite of digital job-hunting tools.

What would prompt you to work overseas? Why not leave a comment and let us know!

Coming soon: Eteach International seminars in Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds and Cardiff. We’ll keep you posted…

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