Cheer yourself up – with a job in the sun

We may have got through Blue Monday – the day in January dubbed the most depressing of the year – but what with snow, ice, school closures and a recent survey revealing teacher morale has plummeted in recent months, is now the time to change things once and for all and organise that job in the sun?

The date of Blue Monday – often considered the Monday of the last full week of January – was supposedly arrived at taking into account a range of factors, from the time when we’ve probably broken our new year’s resolutions, to low motivational levels and the general feeling that “action needs to be taken”.

For UK teachers, perhaps we should also factor in research which shows plummeting morale, disagreement with government education policies on secondary qualifications and the primary phonics test, and a feeling that consultation is “inadequate” and that Coalition education policies are “negative”.


Throw into the mix a lack of enthusiasm for academies and free schools, recently announced major changes to A-levels (rejected by head teachers) and the removal of incremental progression and the move towards performance related pay , and it’s hardly surprising that, the answer to the question “What I’d like Michael Gove to make as his New Year’s resolution” was, for many of the 804 recently surveyed for NUT/YouGov, “Resign!”

Overseas opportunities abound

So with dissatisfaction apparently rife, what is it that stops some teachers harnessing that ‘Blue Monday urge’ to take action and change things for the better?

Because the fact is, while we may be living through austere times in the UK, opportunities for working overseas – often in warmer climes – abound; the number of children attending the world’s international schools is actually booming, and the sector is likely to see a massive expansion, from 6,000 schools to 10,000 over the next decade.

What’s more, UK-qualified teachers are held in high regard by international schools, which mainly teach a similar curriculum  – so Brits will feel even more at home.

The other good news is that Eteach makes it easy to take action and develop your international career; from listing all the top jobs, to offering tools that make it easy to stay in the loop and look great online, who knows: play your cards right and you could be saying goodbye to the UK teaching blues sooner than you think….



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