Children too noisy for concert

Parents had been looking forward to seeing their children perform in the Christmas concert at Benhall Infant School in Cheltenham, the Daily Mail reports. But headmistress Wendy Richmond said she had to ban pupils’ younger siblings: “Over the years we have experienced considerable disruption to children’s performances with babies crying and toddlers being toddlers. We have tried to alleviate this in a number of ways but sadly to no acceptable solution.” The school had offered to provide a crèche where parents could take their youngsters, but this wasn’t popular.

Parents are angry, saying they won’t be able to watch their children perform unless they can find a babysitter.  John and Tessa Yorke were looking forward to seeing five year-old William perform but one of them will have to stay at home to take care of his baby sister: “William is not worried about getting his lines right – he just wants his mum and little sister to be in the audience watching him,” Mr. Yorke said.

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