Getting young people involved: ideas for your curriculum

There’s a lot to be said for getting young people involved in curricular activities that enable them to engage with their community. Many schools testify to the benefits that this can bring, which include improvements in student confidence and behavior, and increased involvement in activities in communities.

Not only that, but these kinds of programmes can develop young people’s skills of teamwork, communication, discussion and planning that are vital for adult life and employ-ability.

We also help secondary schools to meet the statutory requirements for citizenship and other subjects, as well as developing personal, learning and thinking skills.

The Citizenship Foundation is an independent education and participation charity that aims to encourage and enable individuals to engage in democratic society. We focus on developing individuals’ citizenship skills, knowledge and understanding by supporting the delivery of citizenship education and working with young people on issues that concern them.

Going Global

Make the Link – Climate exChange links young people in Europe and Africa to learn, discuss and take action on climate change. It is completely free, and offers lesson plans, an interactive web platform and teacher training. For schools that want to take the project further, it also offers a free residential for students to train on active citizenship campaigning and small grants for social action projects worth up to £250.

The programme is ideal for both citizenship and geography lessons and also has links to other subjects across the curriculum. It is aimed at young people aged 11-16, so can be used with a particular year group or across the school.


‘Excellent – practical, manageable – hands on!’
Head of Citizenship, Huish Episcopi Academy,  Somerset

‘By educating young people about climate change, its affects and implications, we are giving them the tools to be equipped adults to make decisions for themselves.’
Head of Geography, King David High School, Liverpool


Being Enterprising: Schools Grants

Giving Nation offers schools a grant of up to £450, teaching materials and training to enable students across a whole year group to start a social enterprise or charity project that supports a social cause. Over the last four years, it has involved over 160,000 students and benefited more than 1,500 charities and causes whilst generating nearly a mi llion volunteer hours.

This programme is ideal for delivering the active elements of the citizenship curriculum, as well as supporting skills development. Giving Nation’s flexible format allows engagement across both key stage 3 and 4.

[Giving Nation] ‘Has developed leadership skills in pupils and has raised awareness through the school community about the injustices of some working conditions around the world. It has given our pupils the opportunity to use skills such as marketing, budgeting and sales for a real, worthwhile cause.’

[Participating Teacher]


We also offer Go-Givers which provide free resources to primary schools that aim to develop caring, concerned citizens who have the skills and confidence to make a positive contribution to their communities, both locally and globally.

Learning about the Law: Bar National Mock Trial Competition

The Bar National Mock Trial Competition enables young people to learn about our legal system in an innovative and exciting way, as well as enhancing a wide variety of skills. Participants prepare the prosecution and defence of specially prepared cases, and compete against other schools in a live format at real courts. Students have the opportunity to meet and engage with real judges and lawyers from their local area as part of their preparations and on the day of the competition.

This competition is open to students aged 15-18, from non-fee-paying schools across the UK. Regional heats take place in November 2011 and the national final will be in March 2012 at the Old Bailey in London. There are still spaces for the 2011/12 competition in Glasgow.

‘A real opportunity to increase understanding of the law, an area that most have a peripheral awareness of.’

[Participating Teacher]

Supporting Schools

This is just a taste of the range of resources, programmes and support that the Citizenship Foundation offers.

Feel free to get in touch with on 020 7566 4141 or email for more information about how they can support you.


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