Coalition slashes health and safety guidance for schools

Teachers were issued with 150 pages of guidelines to keep pupils safe in the classroom and on school trips under Labour, but now the number is just eight, the Telegraph reports. State schools are now issued with just 6,978 pages of guidance compared to 28,455 previously.

A 200-page guide to reducing bureaucracy has been abolished, guidance on improving pupil performance is now 174 pages long compared to over 2,500 previously, and a publication on pedagogy and practice is down from 1,959 pages to just 63.

The drive to cut education guidance has been criticised. TV chef Jamie Oliver said the Government was endangering pupils’ health after announcing that academies and free schools would be exempt from standards for school dinners. The recent abolition of a school sports survey, with a target that pupils must have two hours of PE a week, led to claims that it would undermine the Olympic legacy.

Do you think cutting red tape is common sense – or will it endanger pupils and staff?



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