COBIS Conference for Teachers and Leaders Day Two

Last night we attended the exhibitor’s dinner at the Holiday Inn at the Prague Conference Centre. The venue was stunning and we were more than impressed. The evening started with a champagne reception and then a year 11 and year 12 student from a local school provided us with some exceptional musical entertainment.

After this, a buffet dinner was served followed by an amazing array of desserts which were far too tempting to turn down. A great night was had by all as it provided an opportunity to talk to other exhibitors at the conference who we might not have had the chance to speak to otherwise.

prague1This morning Gerry headed off to the English College of Prague who have been using Eteach to advertise their teaching posts for many years now. She had a very pleasant meeting with the head teacher of the school, Mark Waldron and the meeting enabled her to find out more about the school and some of the unique features that it offers to its students.

After lunch Gerry headed off to a talk called ‘Getting on the way to Mastering Level with the IPC’ and I went to a session all about blogs and wikis. As expected, we both thoroughly enjoyed the talks and were disappointed that this was now the end of the 2011 COBIS Conference for Teachers and Leaders.

With that, I headed off to the airport and Gerry excitedly awaited the arrival of her husband and son who flew out to Prague to join Gerry for a short break so they can explore the city some more.


All in all, a great time was had by everyone who attended the conference, whether as an exhibitor or a member of teaching staff. It provided great networking opportunities and the chance to learn more about the education sector through all the talks which were held over the two days. In fact, we enjoyed it so much that we are already counting down the days until the 2012 conference.

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