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Cook School Club is a growing not-for-profit organisation dedicated to educating children about the importance of healthy eating from a young age by helping children to understand food and give them the confidence to prepare a wide variety of meals themselves. Over the past 6 months, Cook School has launched an after-school cooking campaign in schools to teach kids how to cook properly and healthily, getting them inspired to teach each other and learn about food. Cook School provides children with the basic cooking knowledge that will lead them to make healthier food choices in the future, and develop life-long skills they can use all through adulthood.

Created by leading food educator and award-winning children’s cookbook author Amanda Grant, Cook School is a nationwide project offering accessible and affordable cookery lessons for students aged 5-19. We have delivered over 4,000 hours of cooking in our first 6 months and have another 2,500 hours booked in September – December. Cook School is all about getting children excited about food and teaching them to cook. It is also developed to suit each school term and age group. Our lessons are carefully planned to give the students confidence in the kitchen and a sense of achievement.

The course consists of ten, one hour 30 minutes classes each term, with a break in the middle over half term. Each week the children cook different recipes and learn a different set of cooking techniques with meals including; Bean burgers, Samosas, Tacos, Soda bread, Spicy rice, Crunchy homemade coleslaw, couscous salads and more.

There is a secondary product where, at the end or beginning of each term, the Cook School team run a day of cooking. 360 children preparing meals throughout the day. A great conversation starter for new students or a celebration at the end of a term.

The biggest challenge Cook School have is in identifying cooks and teachers.  People who understand the importance of food education who are keen to get on board and can commit to the 10-week course. The teacher and assistant are both paid positions but having now launched over 4,000 hours of cooking, Cook School have learned that in-house catering staff are so valuable. They know the kids, they know the school, the teachers and have all of the necessary DBS certifications. As mentioned, this is a paid job, and we have many available schools located in East Sussex, Essex, Kent, London, and Middlesex. If you are interested, we would love to hear from you.

Send your details to  or call us on 02074826635

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