Could do better – new report card for schools

Sir Michael Wilshaw has announced that Ofsted will produce an annual school report card as part of his drive to improve governors’ performance – and some governors may be paid. The online report card is part of Sir Michael Wilshaw’s crusade to improve professionalism of school governors. He’s concerned that they need more information to understand their school. “The school data dashboard I am launching today raises the stakes,” he said, “Many governors know their school well already. But for those that don’t, there are now no excuses.” Headteachers’ leaders have warned against governors making judgments on the basis of over-simplified school performance data.

Sir Michael also called for more paid governors, especially in the most challenging schools. “I have said it before and I will say it again, we should not rule out payment to governors with the necessary expertise to challenge and support schools with a long legacy of under-performance,” he said. The National Governors’ Association opposes paying governors and argues that in most cases there is no evidence that schools would be improved.

Do you think there’s any need for this new school report card? And should governors be paid?

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