Does your website sell your School?

An individual School website is a very powerful tool for communication and marketing, and is often taken for granted, yet does your School website meet the following criteria?

• How does the front page reflect the Schools’ ethos and values?

• Is there a welcoming letter from the Head Teacher (with photo!)

• Is the site simple to navigate?

• Is the information within the site all up to date?

• Does the site celebrate the Schools’ successes?

• Are contact details complete with email and telephone details? Is there a map of where the School is and is it easily readable with directions?

• Are staff and governors listed by name? If not, why not?

• Where are results listed within the website and is there a simple explanation alongside.   

• How interactive is your website and is it connected to your learning platform?

• Is there an opportunity for people to feed back their thoughts on your website?

• Finally, have you tested your website as a user?

We will be interested in hearing your comments. Websites are notoriously expensive to maintain, but are very powerful marketing tools. It is important that they engage with all the Schools stakeholders.

One thought on “Does your website sell your School?

  1. ‘Websites are notoriously expensive to maintain’, I beg to differ. Although, if a school intends to invest in paid advertising, they may need more support than usual, otherwise they have it easy. Their biggest advantage is genuine content, that alone plays a vital role in marketing school websites.

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