Don’t be the last to get organised…

Hi I’m Graham and I work for Eteach Agency. We work with schools and manage the permanent, long-term contract and daily supply staffing needs. This is my first blog for the Eteach site and I was wondering what suitable topic to discuss…. so whilst we are on the subject of first times, I thought it would be best to kick off with about first time jobs for prospective teachers and what we’re up to.

One area where we are currently seeing are large amounts of activity is with final year students and PGCE students starting to send us their CVs. Schools and local authorities are looking to build their talent pools in preparation for the next academic year. We are organising an open day focused on NQT’s during the Easter holidays…dedicated to all course leavers from this year and last year.

We also work with 1000’s of schools throughout the UK and Internationally and manage the supply pools on behalf of a number of local authorities. All of whom are looking to attract the best talent of 2008 and 2009 including those looking for their first role in teaching.

There maybe hundreds of student teachers throughout the UK looking to embark into their first teaching role. Previously there has been fierce competition amongst those looking and this year promises to be no exception. Hundreds of students are completing dissertations, undertaking their last few lectures and preparing for their last round of placements in schools. So….

Don’t be the last to get organised. Act now and spend time looking at getting your CV and references in order.

To put yourself in with a good chance, for this forthcoming September, get in touch now and get involved with our Easter Open day. We will give you free advice on how to apply for roles, how to write your CV and overall provide a helping hand for you to find that crucial first teaching role. We can link you up with roles throughout the UK and Internationally.

It would be interesting to hear how you will be using Eteach in finding your first role, either in person at the open day or by sending me your comments.

Take care, work hard and get in touch!


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