Early entrants less likely to achieve top grades

The proportion of pupils under 16 sitting maths has risen from 4.5% in 2008 to nearly 14% last year, Ofsted says and they’re underachieving as a result. Do you agree?

Inspectors are concerned that taking GCSEs early leads to underachievement, and that they are less likely to achieve an A or B grade in Maths and English, The Guardian reports. Early entrants are also resitting individual units to improve their grades, sometimes being entered for the same exam with two awarding bodies.

Many of the brightest pupils are not achieving their potential because early entry emphasises achieving a Grade C rather than understanding maths. The report warns that the failure to stretch these pupils ‘threatens the future supply of well-qualified mathematicians, scientists and engineers’. Ofsted will crack down on ‘extensive use’ of early and repeated entry to exams.

According to research from the DfE, poorly performing schools are more likely to enter pupils early for maths, while private schools are least likely to.

Does your school enter pupils early for GCSEs and if so does it damage their education?


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