Education News Roundup – February 2011

From the strange case of a Year 9 pupil suspected of being 24 years old, to a sandwich shop owner facing trouble at the school gates and strong opinions about the termination of the Building Schools for the Future programme, we dive under the media covers to see what lessons are being learned in the world of education. Join us and have your say.

School gates close on local shop owner

A local sandwich shop owner, who began selling his wares to pupils through the gates of a school in Aberdeen to stop them climbing over the fence to visit him, is facing opposition from teachers reports the Daily Record

Pupils at the school who are not allowed to leave the premises at lunchtime had been sneaking out to buy snacks from the local shop by climbing over a fence and crossing a busy road. As a result of this, local retailer Mr Paul Cameron decided to start selling a selection of food to pupils at the school gates. However, teachers demanded to speak with him after discovering he was selling sweets, snacks and other unhealthy foods banned under school guidelines. They have warned that only healthy food is to be sold or the man will be barred from the school gates. Mr Cameron has now reportedly stopped his school run.

Teachers not police officers

A survey by the Association of Teachers & Lecturers has revealed 40% of teachers are concerned about new search powers, saying they worry they may damage their relationships with pupils reports Children & Young People Now

Going for a song

Over 2,500 schools, 90,000 children and 6,000 teachers recently visited the O2 in London to perform in front of an audience of thousands, as part of the world’s largest choir reports the Basingstoke Gazette

The charity concert, arranged by the Young Voices Foundation, raises money for children’s cancer charity CLIC Sargent and the Young Voices Foundation, which encourages children to enjoy and experience music and singing.

Councillors angry at demise of school’s building scheme

Unhappy councils have voiced their anger in the High Court over the government’s decision to scrap the Building Schools for the Future programme reports the BBC

Councillors have criticised the government’s handling of the issue, saying their actions have breached legitimate expectations for funding. It is thought that 700 school rebuild projects will not go ahead anymore.

And finally….

A Year 9 pupil at age 24

The head teacher of a Petersfield school has asked a newly enrolled pupil to leave following concerns that he is actually much older than he claims to be reports The Sun

The pupil, named Prince, who is described as being 5ft 8in tall and 10st, joined a Year 9 class at the start of the new term. But teachers sent him home with suspicions he is around 10 years older than the 14 years he claims to be saying he clearly looks older. However, an investigation has revealed he is indeed 14 years old and apologies have now been issued to the boy and his family.

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