Educational professionals sharing good practice

Last week Eteach International received a very warm welcome at the 27th British Schools of the Middle East (BSME) Conference which was held in the beautiful Aphrodite Hills on the wonderful Island of Cyprus. The conference was opened by Dr Zena Poulli, Director of Secondary Education, Ministry of Education and Culture and over 50 BSME schools attended representing the majority of countries in the Middle Eastern region. It was fascinating to learn about the amazing BSME school resources, professional development opportunities for teachers and support staff and the rich cultural diversity which visitors and residents can enjoy in the region…

The conference was a great opportunity for Educational Professionals to share good practice and to debate current issues. For example the proposed UK government inspections for overseas British Schools and the impact this will have on BSME members and the existing high quality BSME accreditation system. I really enjoyed finding out more about the rapid development of BSME sports and other extracurricular activities… in fact I must find out which school won last weeks coveted BSME Boys and Girls football tournament held in Rashid School for Boys, Dubai. ( I know that Mr Jones from Dhrahran British Grammar School, Saudi was hoping his school would return victorious!)

It was clear throughout the conference that BSME is a very strong and committed organisation which promotes positive outcomes for children and young people and also the development of all staff working in member schools… a commitment which Eteach International also shares…

Finally, as you know Eteach International connects teachers and educational professionals with schools across the world…what are your experiences teaching in the Middle East? We’d love to hear your views…. Colin

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