English Secondary Schools spending details published

The recent decision to publish reports detailing how much money English Secondary Schools are spending compared to how their students are performing in exams, has caused much debate amongst those who support the decision and those who oppose it.

The government describes the move as a drive for transparency and feels that by identifying schools which are spending more than others, steps can then be made to reduce costs and make significant savings.

Those who are not in favour of this information being published argue that there may be genuine and unpreventable reasons for two neighbouring schools to be spending such varying amounts of money. For example, one school may have poorly insulated buildings so will have higher heating bills, have no leisure facilities so has to pay to use others or mostly have members of staff near the top of the incremental pay grades.

Ministers have argued that this move has not been conducted in order to point the finger, but rather to make people realise that throwing money at schools does not necessarily being them better results. They have concluded that those spending more don’t necessarily perform better and there is no proven correlation between spending and results.

Various studies into this matter have been conducted but no concrete evidence has ever been found. The only finding has been a link between good results and teachers’ salaries. It has been found that countries which invest a higher proportion of their wealth into teachers’ pay, do tend to get better results.

What do you think about this information being made readily available to the public? Do you think it will help to reduce costs in schools or should these details be kept private? Let us know your thoughts below.

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