Eteach at the ISC Conference

Last week I was at the ISC conference in The Brewery in the City of London. I had the wonderful experience of catching up with many of our client schools and meeting their Heads in person and getting their feedback.

One of the things that constantly comes up is how can reach more Independent Teachers directly to let them know of our vacancies? Unlike the state sector where we are able to contact teachers directly through the unions and targeting conferences where teachers are, in the Independent sector it is more difficult.

I would like to hear from you with your ideas of how we as a company can reach out to those who work in Independent Schools. Did you know we have an Independent School’s Bulletin that goes out each weekend with the latest school adverts that have been placed. If you would like to sign up for this please email and will sign you up for it. Similarly we have vacancies for Independent Schools abroad. If you or a colleague would like to teach in these schools abroad let us know and we will let our client schools know.

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