Eteach presents The Bourne Academy with cheque

bourne academyRecently, Richard Wood, our Schools Development Manager for the South East, visited The Bourne Academy to present them with a cheque for £100 and a bag of goodies.

The Academy won the money in a Red Nose Day competition that we ran in March. We encouraged schools, pupils and teachers to post photos of their Red Nose Day antics on our Facebook wall and once the competition closed, we chose our favourite photo.

The picture we selected as our top entry was posted by a teacher at The Bourne Academy which meant that £100 towards their fundraising total would soon be theirs.

The staff and students were absolutely thrilled to receive the news as they were just short of their target. The £100 they received from eteach meant they reached their goal so there were smiles all around.

You can view all of the entries from our Red Nose Day competition by visiting the eteach Facebook page. If you want to know about our future competitions be sure to like our Facebook page so you can be the first to find out.

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