Eteach reveals 24% more vacant teaching posts this September as recruitment crisis deepens

– Up to 14,000 classrooms could be without a permanent teacher as the 2017/18 academic year starts, the equivalent of at least 300,000 pupils [1]

– Eteach data reveals vacant teaching posts have increased by 24% over past two years, with 9% more teaching vacancies this September than the same month in 2016 [2]

– Two-thirds of teachers looking to leave their current role within the next three years [6]

As pupils across the country return to the classroom, new data from Eteach reveals schools are carrying 9% more unfilled teacher vacancies into September than this time last year. Compared to September 2015, there is a worrying 24% increase in vacant teacher posts.
Eteach, the UK’s leading job site by teachers for teachers, has analysed teacher vacancy figures from 7,000 schools to take the temperature on the nation’s growing teacher recruitment crisis.

Data from a quarter of the UK’s schools, shows there could be up to 14,000 teacher vacancies as the school year begins. With an average UK class size of twenty-two pupils [3], this leaves at least 300,000 pupils without a permanent classroom teacher this September.
With many teacher training places going unfilled, government recruitment targets have been missed and the situation is worsening against a backdrop of rising pupil numbers [4].

Meanwhile more teachers are leaving the profession [5]. Eteach surveyed over 1,800 teachers and the newly released data reveals two-thirds are thinking of leaving their current job in the next three years. Of those, excessive workload (48%) and low morale (38%) were given as the most prominent reasons for planned resignations with 80% of teachers taking work home with them on weekends and during holidays [6].

However, despite increasing pressures, over half of teachers (56%) would still recommend the profession to a friend [6].

Paul Howells, Founder and Chief Executive of Eteach says: “In my 20 years of working with schools on teacher recruitment I have never seen so many unfilled vacancies at this time of year. Teaching is failing to attract enough graduates, and schools are struggling to hold on to their current teachers, creating a perfect storm of pressures.
As schools start the new academic year thousands will be scrambling for last-minute supply staff and paying agencies a premium for emergency cover during a period of tightened budgets. Despite the nature of the school recruitment calendar there are steps schools can take with a more proactive approach and new technology to mitigate the growing September supply crisis.”


Schools can find out more about how to take a proactive approach to teacher recruitment to tackle the growing crisis by registering to join Eteach.com’s webcast on Thursday 5 October 16:00 – 17:00. 


Notes to editors

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[1] Eteach has analysed teacher vacancy data from 7,000 schools in the UK sourced from its teacher recruitment platform Eteach.com.

The number of teacher vacancies has been multiplied by the average number of pupils per classroom to calculate the number of pupils without a permanent teacher.

Eteach audit of teacher vacancy data from 7,000 schools:


[2] As above.

[3] OECD data shows the average classroom size in the UK is 22.

[4] Government teacher recruitment targets have been missed creating a shortfall in subjects including Physics (19%) and Maths (16%) whilst Design & Technology targets were missed by 59%. Initial Teacher Training Census 2016/17, Department for Education.

[5] National Audit Office figures show there was an 11% increase between 2011 and 2014. Training New Teachers, National Audit Office, 2016

 [6] Newly released data, Eteach surveyed over 1,800 teachers for its 2016 Education Recruitment Landscape Report.


About Eteach

Eteach has a database of more than one million teachers, lecturers and support staff in education with over 7,000 schools as clients.

Eteach.com is a job board dedicated to the education sector receiving over 1 million visits and 1.2 million job views a month. In addition to the job board we have an expert team of Specialist Recruiters who extend a talent search in to the ‘passive’ candidate market. Eteach currently has over 1.7 million registered candidates, giving schools access to an unrivalled pool of teaching and leadership talent nationally and internationally.

Eteach.com offers a powerful and cost-effective solution to the recruitment problems facing schools. It provides a unique continuum of recruitment services which help schools efficiently attract and recruit staff in the primary, secondary, special needs and independent sectors and further education.

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Paul Howells, CEO, Eteach and FEjobs
Paul Howells has more than 25 years experience in education, with the last 15 years spent revolutionising education recruitment.  Paul started his working life as a PE teacher in London and soon became involved in career education and work experience.  He started the first London supply teacher agency in 1990: LHR Education became one of the fastest growing businesses in the UK, focusing on international teacher recruitment.

In 2001, Paul launched the visionary Eteach.com which has evolved into a world leading portal of school recruitment innovation, followed by FEjobs.com in 2004 which has become a market leading job board for further education institutions across the UK.  Today Paul’s websites, Eteach and FEjobs have become synonymous with teacher-centric, value-driven, ground-breaking and proactive recruitment methods. Paul has a wealth of knowledge and experience of education recruitment and using effective online strategies to reduce spend and save time.

For more information see www.eteach.com and www.FEjobs.com.  For media comment from Paul, contact Katie Newell, Content Manager & Press Officer at Eteach Group (ETUKC) on 01276 674159 or knewell@eteach.com.

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