eTeach wins tender for 174 Bristol schools’ recruitment

– eTeach wins the tender for a 3-year contract for Bristol’s teacher recruitment

– The Procurement of Recruitment Integrated Package covers 174 schools


eTeach is proud to announce the winning of a 3-year contract from Bristol City Council and will be responsible for the Procurement of Recruitment for 174 infant, primary and secondary schools.

Bristol schools will be using the eTeach Premium Licence package with its ground breaking industry-first features, an obvious choice for a proven and truly cost-effective Continuous Candidate Engagement strategy.

Ex-teacher and CEO, Paul Howells comments, “We are pleased to be such a critical asset in delivering teachers to this diverse and successful community, supporting Bristol’s young people to thrive in what is the seventh largest city economy outside of London.”


For more information contact Katie Newell, Press Officer at Eteach Group (ETUKC) on 01276 674159 or knewell@eteach.com


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