Every state pupil should be taught sex education

The Lib Dems want sex and relationship education to be extended to pupils in all state schools in England, including those in academies and free schools.

Under current rules, sex and relationship education is compulsory in council-run secondary schools, but not for primary schools, academies and free schools. Liberal Democrat David Laws, the education minister, wants a significant extension of “age appropriate” sex education to every Key Stage 2 state pupil in England from the age of seven, the BBC reports.

Education is one of the areas where the Lib Dems have different educational priorities from their Coalition partners. “We have long made the case, both inside and outside government, for updated sex and relationship education to be taught in all schools, including academies and free schools, but it is not something the Conservatives are open to,” David Laws said. “We believe that by educating children about sex and relationships in an appropriate way, we can help them to make informed choices in their personal lives.”

Labour said it has been calling for widening sex education for years, but that the Lib Dems had voted against a similar proposal earlier this year. “Only through ideas like compulsory sex and relationship education can we tackle the root causes of domestic abuse and give young people the tools and support they need to make informed decisions about their lives,” said shadow Home Office minister Seema Malhotra. “It is welcome that the Lib Dems have finally caught onto this agenda but they have had four years in government to take some action and have failed.”

Mr. Laws also wants PSHE to include lessons in citizenship and financial literacy, turning it into a “curriculum for life”.

Do you think children as young as seven should have sex education lessons? Share your views with the Eteach community!


8 thoughts on “Every state pupil should be taught sex education

  1. Back in the 80’s I was teaching in a Secondary comprehensive . Girls as young as 12 and 13 were getting pregnant just about every year, so I taught a lesson in a Humanities class of 15 / 16 y.o’s , about safe sex and contraception .

    I got pilloried by the Head Parents because were complaining !

    Go figure !

  2. I have worked in a primary school for many years and I think sex education should not start until Year 6. I have seen many young pupils confused and troubled emotionally by sex taught at such an early age. Because they are taught about sex so young, I believe, it puts pressure on young minds when they are not ready. This is my experience from what I’ve seen. I know this is a minefield and many people have very different experiences of life and differing points of view, but after all the sex education there has been in schools, why do we have the highest teen pregnancies in Europe! Again, I know everyone has differing views/opinions, but I very rarely hear that sex should, ideally, be within a loving relationship and that children should value their own bodies.

    We need to rethink how it is taught in schools to protect the young.

  3. As a parent of a 7 year old girl and TA of year 5 children I do not agree. I think it’s far too young to teach sex education. My daughter will be told by me when the time is right, now is not right as they can’t fully compute it.

  4. I believe giving sex education to a seven year old is just like ruining or snatching their innocence. My 11 year old was even shocked after being taught many things in primary school. Seven year is not at all an appropriate age to be taught topics like this.

  5. i believe there are ways in which it could be taught developmentally appropriately & sensitively… look at europe, in particular Netherlands… lowest pregnancy rate for a reason??? to my knowledge they teach their young people responsibly. my fear is how we teach our young disabled people, whom are often developmentally below their age, yet are THE most vulnerable group, who need the MOST support, especially in how to communicate it when there are safeguarding issues…. where have the most significant cost cuttings been in recent years???

  6. Holland has the most comprehensive sex education in the world starting as young as 6. They have the lowest teen pregnancy rate in the world. Stats sometimes dont lie!

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