Firms forced to pay out to improve school leavers’ skills

Too many school leavers lack important skills, the Telegraph reports, so employers are being forced to provide remedial training in English, maths and IT. The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) report, based on a survey of 542 firms employing 1.6 million people, stated: ‘It is a major cause for concern that one child in three leaves primary school without reaching expected standards in reading, writing and maths combined.’

The shortcomings in skills, like self management and timekeeping, that the CBI’s members highlighted will fuel concerns that the education system isn’t equipping young people for higher education and the work place, and that current qualifications don’t address the combination of literacy, numeracy and employability that industry needs.

Almost 60% of employers have developed links with further education colleges and schools to help staff and students understand what skills are required. However, with the decrease in graduate numbers because of higher tuition fees, more than a third of them say they’ll have to recruit more A-level students to fill the gap.

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