Five reasons you should teach in Wales

Where did you spend your commute today? Was the passing scenery awe-inspiring?

The beauty of teaching is that it’s a skill you can take anywhere. If you are ready for a new challenge or a lifestyle change, it could be much easier than you think to start a new life somewhere not too far away. Many Welsh schools are now actively recruiting teachers who can bring their experience from the rest of Britain. Particularly for teachers in London or the M4 corridor, much of Wales can be reached easily whilst offering a completely different life experience. Support for a relocation is strong and the schools have a great deal to offer.

Here are five compelling reasons to take the plunge and make the move to Wales.

Quality of lifestyle

As well as the stunning rural countryside that Wales is renowned for, Wales has 870 miles of beautiful coastline which is enjoyed by ramblers, mountain bikers and surfers alike. In terms of sport, Wales is famous for its rugby, football and motorsports. Not only could a move to Wales significantly improve your ‘daily grind’, your options for weekend fun in gorgeous places are countless.

Professional Challenge

This is probably the most important reason a professional teacher might consider relocating to Wales. School spirit is different between all schools, but making the move to a different culture all together can really allow you to shine. While England is moving increasingly to a model of free schools and academies, the schools in Wales continue to strengthen their ties with local communities.  In Wales, one in ten people works in education and 28% of 18-year-olds go to university. If you are looking for an opportunity to nurture young people academically and socially to really make an impact, this could be the career change for you.

Similar pay scale

Wales and England share the same pay scale for schools so crossing the Severn doesn’t mean a pay cut. In addition to this, the Welsh government is looking to recruit 50,000 teachers by 2024. With so many Welsh schools actively recruiting, some can consider one-off payments like golden hellos and relocation packages for teachers moving over.

Welsh colleges’ recommended pay scales are less rigid and college deans commonly compete for the talent they need. For Further Education positions, we recommend that you negotiate individually.

Competitive cost of living

It’s worth checking the local area’s housing market for both renting and buying around the schools you’re considering.  The cost of living even in Cardiff is significantly lower than in London, with the average rent being around 75% lower.

No need necessarily for you to speak Welsh!

It is very important that the children in Wales learn Welsh as a language, however it is a misconception that teachers in all posts are expected to deliver it. Resources and peripatetic specialists are in place. Of course, if you like to fully embrace your adventures, you can always learn it when you get there!

…and obviously the dragons. There may or may not actually be real dragons in Wales. We recommend that you investigate and let us know.

Life is short: live it somewhere wonderful.

3 thoughts on “Five reasons you should teach in Wales

  1. Are these offers open to senior applicants? I don’t have a PGSE but have taught at universities over the years.

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