From lucky underwear to oily fish – the secret of exam success?

A poll of 2,000 students has revealed that a third wear ‘good luck underwear’ in exams and over half eat oily fish beforehand to boost their chances.

65% of the 15-23 year-olds in the poll said they were superstitious, with a third becoming even more so as exams approach, the BBC reports. So it’s not surprising that they take an assortment of articles into exams, including charms, lucky jewellery and pens, as well as lucky underwear. 60% change their diet and eat foods that they believe can boost their brain power and memory.

More worrying is that almost half admitted not doing as much revision as they thought they should, and 14% said revision consists of a quick flick through their notes and hoping for the best.  Various reasons were given for avoiding revising, with 28% claiming tiredness, 20% feigning illness, and 21% preferring to do housework rather than revise.

When time for revision starts to run out panic sets in, with 61% staying up late and 40% staying up all night before an exam.

When you were a student what, apart from revision, did you do to boost your exam chances? Share your secrets of success with us!

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