GCSEs to be replaced by the EBacc

The new qualification will be more rigorous and will concentrate on academic subjects. The vast majority of pupils will be expected to work towards an English baccalaureate certificate and there may be a ban on exam aids such as calculators and source materials.

Plus read below for twitter reactions to Gove’s proposals.

Pupils will be taught the new Ebacc from the autumn term 2015 in English, Maths and Science, with papers in English language, English Literature, maths pure and applied, chemistry, physics and biology. There will be no coursework in English and maths and they will sit the new exam in 2017. From 2016 they will study taught history, geography and languages and sit the exams in summer 2018. There will be no coursework for history.

Michael Gove is going to appoint single subject exam boards by the end of next year that will offer new qualifications in the core subjects: “Critically we will end the competition between exam boards offering easier courses or assistance to teachers in a corrupt effort to massage up pass rates,” he said. Mr. Gove admitted that a sizeable proportion of pupils will leave school with no qualifications, but will be given a ‘detailed record of their achievement’.

The proposals received a hostile reception. Stephen Twigg, Labour’s education spokesman, warned: “Whatever the reassurances, this risks a return to a two-tier system which left thousands of children on the scrap heap at the age of 16.” Chris Keates, general secretary of the NASUWT, said they were: “… entirely driven by political ideology rather than genuine debate”.

Watching parliament live: Jenny Worsley @Eteach – how twitter reacted

Stephen Twigg also began his reaction by expressing the concern and anger of headteachers over the leaked papers to what he suggested were selected media outlets. David Blunkett also requested that this was now the time for the political parties to come to a consensus fit for the 21st century.

As parliament went on, many questions were asked as the broadcast went on including issues on coursework and assessment, the decline in languages, consultation on the changes whether an exam based system would be good preparation for the workplace.

With this we watched and commented live on Twitter and saw some strong responses. Here are some of the snippets that caught our eye this week.

@SchoolDuggery Has he not heard of controlled assessment? Does he actually know what goes on in schools?

@BBCNormanS Labour give the thumbs down to Gove exam reforms…..” a real step back to the 1980s.” #gcse #gove
@vaughangething Chief Inspector of Ofsted on BBC news points out Gove-Clegg plan to scrap GCSEs fails to provide a rigorous vocational qualification
@KEVINMORT  GCSEs are flawed but Gove‘s one size fits all approach will harm many.

What do you think of the EBacc?  Will it leave less academic pupils behind? Share your views!


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