Going the extra mile

When you are applying for a vacancy how much of your CV covers all the additional things that you do? Do you give sufficient space in your CV or letter of application to mention all the clubs you run or help with? Do you list the musical instruments you play and the orchestras/ bands you play in or teach? In sport have you listed your own achievements as well as the teams you coach? Are you involved with community groups?

I have recently had the pleasure to visit two wonderful schools, Box Hill near Dorking and Licensed Victuallers near Ascot. At both I was overwhelmed by the extra mile that their staff went to both for their pupils and the school in general. At Licensed Victuallers it was lunchtime and as I toured the school there were staff and pupils participating in charity fund raising activities, tutorials, clubs and drama and music practises. Not just in certain departments, but right across the board. At Box Hill there were displays of a Fashion show that had been organised for an evening, which obviously had huge staff input. At both schools what also came across was the fun everyone was having too.

It’s these things that will make you stand out from the crowd. Take time to highlight them and remember ‘the more you put in the more you get out!’ Take time to get involved or support these extra curricular activities. Not only does it help the students, but will develop you and enhance your CV ready for your next move.

Tell me what activities you do that make you different! Don’t forget to contact us or update your details if you are looking for roles in Independent or International Schools for September ghm@eteach.com

2 thoughts on “Going the extra mile

  1. if ofsted and the govenment would let us teachers teach instead of being administrators, constantly being demoralised by never ticking ALL the boxes, then and only then will teachers be able to do what we are passionate and good at… TEACHING. The teachers are leaving in droves and why? Because we are not allowed to do our jobs, we are bullied into obeying criteria that is a paper exercise, not a true picture of what teaching is about or needs. Stop changing the goal posts, encourage and praise us when warrented and STOP the constant Must try Harder attitude that is prevalent in the ofsted inspectors who have no knowledge of teaching or if they have have left because they don't have what it takes. Passion, dedication and commitment to their students.

  2. I'm a retired teacher,now lecturing part-time at Warwick University. I have a collection of higher degrees including a recent Ph.D. and am supposed to be an expert in my field and 'good in the classroom'. I enjoy short periods of supply teaching in schools, giving and gaining, keeping up with how things are. I don't have O Level Maths -the 60s were a long time ago. Will I be weeded out as a weak teacher and forbidden to teach in the classroom?

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