Gove apologises for misbehaving in class

The Daily Mail reports that Mr. Gove wants Danny Montgomery to accept his apology and thanks him for his perseverance: “You were, without any pretension or pomposity, attempting to coax a group of hormonal lads to look beyond familiar horizons and venture further.” He wrote the open letter, which pays tribute to teachers, to publicise this year’s Teaching Awards.

Mr Montgomery, who still teaches at Robert Gordon’s College, said: “Even in those days, Michael stood out. I remember the words of one of my colleagues at the time: ‘That boy is a future leader of the Conservative Party.’”
NUT general secretary Christine Blower said: “Teaching is indeed of critical importance, so if Mr. Gove really believes that let’s see policies emanating from the DfE that teachers would welcome.”

Knowing the challenges of being a teacher, would you like to apologise to any of your former teachers?

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