Gove inquiry sparks chefs’ spat

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has condemned Michael Gove’s announcement that he’s asked the founders of a restaurant chain to carry out an inquiry into school meals.  Jamie said that now is the time for action, not more reports, The Guardian reports.

Education Secretary Michael Gove asked restaurateurs Henry Dimbleby and John Vincent to review how nutrition in schools can be improved. Their Leon chain, based in London and the south east, offers healthy fast food. He said that they can come up with a ‘radical’ action plan after visiting schools, talking to experts and studying research.

But Jamie Oliver, a leading long term campaigner for better school meals, condemned the plan. He said that the inquiry is unnecessary, will waste time and is likely to be ignored – and that it will obstruct improvements to pupils’ health.   “Now is not the time for more costly reports, he said, “Now is the time for action and that doesn’t seem to be what we get from Mr Gove when it comes to school food and food education. This just delays action for another year or more.”

The TV chef’s campaign to improve school meals resulted in tougher regulations being introduced. It’s not the first time that he’s locked horns with Mr. Gove; he previously criticised him for allowing academies and free schools opt out of school meal standards.

Do school meals need yet another review? What are they like at your school?






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