Government develops new mental health strategy for children

The government has developed a new mental health strategy for England which has been designed to help improve the services which are currently available to children suffering from potential mental health problems.

The new strategy promises an extra £400m in funding for therapies such as counselling as it is thought that by being able to assist children at an earlier stage in their development, they are less likely to have ongoing problems later on in life.

It is also hoped that the new drive will help to decrease criticisms that child and adolescent mental health services have received over the years. These services are condemned for having long waiting lists and inconsistent terms of service which leads to confusion amongst many people.

With the current system running the way it is, many children have been treated with adult services as this is the only help available to them. Critics have rendered this as inappropriate because it doesn’t result in the proper care being received.

Research has suggested that about half of adults with lifetime mental health problems first experienced difficulties in childhood. Therefore, the government is hoping that the new mental health strategy will enable early intervention to take place so that the problems can be prevented.

Do you think more should be done for young children who have suspected mental health problems? Let us know your thoughts below.

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