Have you been bullied on social media?

The BBC’s Newsbeat reports on a 28 year-old teacher who left her first teaching job after being abused on Facebook and Twitter.  According to a teaching union more and more teachers are experiencing cyberbyullying, but don’t get much support.

Rebecca (not her real name) said she wasn’t sure why she was targeted, but thinks it may have been because other teachers undermined her, so students thought she was fair game. Abusive messages, some of the sexual, spread rapidly on Facebook and Twitter and she was eventually diagnosed with clinical depression. The school failed to take the issue seriously or offer support, so Rebecca resigned.

The NASUWT says that one in four teachers have had experienced cyberbullying and that it is ‘having a devastating effect on teachers’ health, wellbeing, confidence, self-esteem and in some cases their career progression.’ Nearly 50% of the teachers they spoke to received little or no support and the union warns that ‘some employers are seriously failing in their duty of care’.

Have you been cyberbullied and if so did you get any support? Share your stories with other teachers with Eteach.

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