Industrial action set for June

The NUT has voted overwhelmingly for a strike that could close schools in England during exams, unless significant progress is made in talks.

Delegates at the NUT annual conference chanted “Gove must go” as they voted overwhelmingly for a motion threatening a national teachers’ strike in the week beginning 23rd June, the BBC reports. The union decided to consult its members on further action in the autumn.

GCSE and A-level exams are scheduled to be taken on the first three days of the week of the proposed strike action. The NUT’s general secretary, Christine Blower, said that the strike won’t disrupt exams and that any teachers who need to supervise an exam will be given exemption from taking part in industrial action.

Christine Blower demanded that Michael Gove attend talks with the unions over the dispute after Easter and address their concerns. “If the strike happens, it will be Mr Gove’s fault,” she said. “Teachers’ morale is at a dangerously low ebb. Changes to pay, conditions and a working week for teachers of 60 hours are driving many teachers out of the classroom. According to Ofsted, two in five teachers leave the profession within five years of starting teaching. Ministers must act on workload, as well as pay and pensions to halt this.”

The NASUWT has threatened to take industrial action in the lead-up to next year’s general election.

The DfE claimed that Ministers have met frequently with the NUT and that teaching has never been more popular: “A record number of top graduates are now applying to become teachers and there have never been more teachers in England’s classrooms, with a rise of 9,000 in the last year,” a spokesperson said. “It is important that teachers work closely with school leaders to ensure their workload is manageable. We trust the professionalism of our head teachers to monitor their staff’s workload and address any issues.”

The NUT also warned of strikes in sixth-form colleges, where jobs are being threatened because of cuts in funding.

What are your views about taking industrial action during the exam season? Will you be going on strike?

3 thoughts on “Industrial action set for June

  1. My wife cries she is overwhelmed with work mostly admin. She sets off at 7 in the morning gets home at 5 has her evening meal starts work again until 9 then goes to bed. What sort of life is this. As a couple we are under stress and it never gets better. The more she gives the more they want. We went to France to see her mum last week, my wife worked on the boat going worked at her mums and worked on the way back. Teachers get holidays yes more than most yes but how many people go on holiday to relax my wife just works and works!!! I am writing this in the kitchen her school bag is ready and close to me she has done her Saturday cleaning and has gone for a shower ready to do more school work this afternoon and she is tired. Enough said and yes I do my share to try and help.

  2. I believe that going on strike during exams is not appropriate action for this dispute. Children have enough stress during this time and having this as additional stress is neither professional nor effective.
    Teachers can make an impact by just taking a day, any day really, that does not impact on all of the hard work they have put into learning and teaching throughout the years of children’s education. It is like shooting themselves in the foot.

  3. I am an NQT. It is action like this that makes me embarrassed to be a teacher.
    Any teacher striking during the exam period should be ashamed.
    If teaching is that bad look for a new career and stop moaning. I am currently working 70 hours a week and am a ‘good’ teacher. I love my job but I am not prepared to work a 60+ hour week for the rest of my working life. I am leaving for a new career at the end of the year.

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