Inspiration for teachers and support staff

Have you ever heard someone you thought was truly inspirational and what they said kept coming back to you over and over again?

Eteach had the wonderful opportunity to listen to such a person at the SHMIS Annual Conference in Brigg North Lincolnshire earlier this week.

The person in question was Carrie Herbert the founder of Red Balloon Learner Centres. Every teacher training college should have this lady to speak to their students about the work she does. Her words would stay with them the whole of their careers.

Carrie’s Red Balloon Learner Centres provide support and one to one teaching for pupils who have been bullied out of schools and can no longer attend regular schools. She provides ‘safe houses’ that have been converted into learning centres where pupils receive crucial emotional support to help give them back their self esteem. Through this and individual learning programmes she enables students to have belief in themselves and their abilities and in turn gives them strategies that reintegrates them back into regular full time education, apprenticeships or work.

Her understanding of the complex issues surrounding the victim in bullying was fascinating and enlightening. The way she conveyed all of this made each and everyone us want to go out of that room and champion her cause.

Have you had anyone who has inspired you in your career? At Eteach we fill many job vacancies for teachers and support staff from all spectrum’s. A number of us hunt for the next job, whether it is in teaching or any other career, because someone has provided inspiration to find that next step. We’d love to hear whether someone’s inspiration has helped you land a successful job in education?

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  1. I agree with the preceding comments that six-months isn’t long enough for initial teacher training; I trained abroad where my actual qualification consisted in only three months of actual classroom -contact and I actually believe that for secondary work, three years’ minimum should be the requirement.

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