It’s just got better for job seekers in education…

It’s just got better for job seekers in education… There was a time when teachers had to wait for the weekly education supplement to land on the staffroom coffee table, then we spent Fridays fighting for a copy and browsing jobs “just to see what’s about”.

Those days have long gone, today teachers and support staff browse the internet 24/7, with unlimited access to a wider range of vacancies than ever before across a growing number of websites on a global scale. As a teacher and job hunter and more recently a recruiter I am constantly amazed at how the internet has enhanced the ability for people to manage their careers.

I hear about schools interviewing via YouTube, teachers promoting themselves on social networking sites, talking CVs, e-bulletins containing specific vacancies tailored to the reader, in one generation the whole process has changed for teachers and recruiters of teachers. Today there is no reason why a British school shouldn’t’t recruit a teacher directly from China as easily and cheaply as recruiting a British teacher and just as easily a Brit teacher can go online and find a job teaching anywhere in the world e.g. Singapore Key Stage One Teachers.

Eteach were the first jobsite for teaching jobs in the UK and we are about to launch our next generation website, which will provide teachers and support staff an even better job seeker experience with brand new features, even if you’ve already found a job its worth a look, you’ll find enhanced information hubs so you can keep in touch through the blogs, Facebook and Twitter.

What’s more we think we offer the widest range of jobs and consistently carry more overseas jobs than any other UK website or newspaper. Oh yes, it is always FREE to teachers and it definitely is worth a look

More next week on how we are helping you to find your perfect role

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