Katie Price to open a free school

Katie Price’s son Harvey’s special needs include autism, visual impairment and a genetic condition that means he puts on weight easily, The Guardian reports. He currently attends Dorton House in Sevenoaks, which is run by the Royal London Society for Blind People. Not only has the school given Harvey stability and continuity, it has also supported his mother and her family. So the news a year ago that it was going to close was a huge blow and prompted Katie’s  decision, backed by her mother and other parents, to open a free school for children with special needs.

If Katie succeeds in her campaign, The Visually Impaired Special Needs Academy will open in Sevenoaks in Kent next September and will have facilities for young people into their early 20s. Plans are for 20 places to start, increasing to 90, and more schools like it in the future.  As Katie said: “We haven’t got enough special needs schools in Britain, and we have to get them so that children like Harvey have the best chance in life.”

Katie and the other parents hope to hear that their new school will get the go ahead in July.

What do you think of Katie’s campaign to open a free school – share your views with us!



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