Legal action launched over English GCSE

The High Court action represents 150 schools, 42 English LAs, six professional bodies and 167 pupils, and argues that pupils with the same mark got different grades because of changes in grade boundaries, the BBC reports. According to the group, which is also challenging Ofqual’s refusal to change its decisions, 10,000 pupils missed out on a C grade, which has prejudiced their life chances. “The decisions are incompatible with the most elementary principles of fairness, rationality and good administration. They are unlawful and should be quashed,” according to their statement of claim.

The London Borough of Lewisham is co-ordinating the legal action and mayor Sir Steve Bullock said: “While it is plain to see to most reasonable people that what has happened is just not fair, Ofqual and the boards have refused the opportunity to clear up their own mess.”

Ofqual said it will ‘rigorously defend’ its decisions. The action is unlikely to result in a decision from the High Court to allow a judicial review before 45,000 students resit their English GCSE in November.

Is your school one of the 150 taking part in the legal challenge? Do you think the challenge will succeed?

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